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My name is Julie Hanes, and I design and write creative content to help
Christian women discover their identity and assignment in God's Kingdom.


Is your heart’s desire to live your life to the full potential that God has for you?

Do you want this for the group
of women that you lead?


Women's Ministry and Small Group Leaders,

I can help you with your women's retreats. I know it can be overwhelming to think through all the details of planning a meaningful, life-changing retreat experience for your ladies. 


Let me help. I provide experiential, interactive teaching and activities - all the content you need to make your retreat not only memorable, but transformational.

My central message is our identity in Christ and our Kingdom assignment. I believe that my personal assignment from the Lord is to "Illuminate God's Wisdom." Retreats can be as short as a mini-retreat “paint party” or as long as a three day get-away retreat.  I can design exactly what your group needs!

I would be honored to bring the Illuminating Wisdom experience to you and your ladies.

Or come join in one of the retreats I regularly host.  

Sound good? Let’s talk!

Email me.


My goal is to create experiences for women that are...

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Creative, including both left brain Bible study and a right brain art project

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Biblical, rooted in God’s Word

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Fun, because fun with other women is just the best

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Life-changing, because that’s what discipleship is all about

"We loved having Julie Hanes come to speak to the ladies of our church!  She is down to earth, relatable, and fun. Julie has a unique way of instantly connecting with women. 

Through a series of exercises, Julie helps navigate and show women how they were designed and how they fit into God’s plan of reaching the world.  By bridging her love for art and truth, Julie is able to help women determine their God given gifts, and then show them how He can use those gifts to further His kingdom.

This is life transforming work.  Julie helps women understand that we were meant for so much more than just showing up. We were meant to be warrior women on a mission."  -Melanie

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The foundation of all spiritual growth is the heart.  Sign up to get a free download of my new online course "From Heart to Walk: How to Cooperate With God in Radically Transforming your Life."

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