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Your heart is the convergence of your desires and emotions, your thoughts and beliefs, and your intents and will. Your heart is the part of you that God looks at, so it's critical. Everything you say and do flows out of your heart. This devotional workbook will take you through a 21 day exploration of your heart with a goal of learning how to align your heart with God's heart.

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Do the days of your life rush by in busyness, distraction, and overwhelm? Do you tend to focus your energy and attention on urgent things, all the while with a nagging sense that the important work God has assigned to you remains undone? Not knowing what God has designed you to do is a problem if you believe God is up to something and you want to be in on it.

Discover your purpose and discover the assignment that God has prepared for you from before the foundation of the world!

This book will help you to get clarity on the part you are to play in God’s Eternal Purpose.

The foundation is the premise that God wants something for Himself and is executing His plan to obtain it. Just as each instrument in an orchestra contributes to a magnificent symphony, each of us is designed to contribute to God’s plan. You were made for this, and this is where you find genuine joy and significance.

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