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I was rescued from the Domain of Darkness when I was eighteen years old, and immediately experienced a hunger for the truth of God’s Word.  In the decades since that time, I have taught Bible truths to children, middle schoolers, high schoolers, young adult singles, young adult couples, middle aged couples, young women, middle aged women, and older women.  


I am a left brained stickler for accuracy in presenting the Word of God, and have a right brained passion for engaging imaginatively with it. Howard Hendricks said, “It is a sin to bore people with the Bible.”  


...I just love that!


I LOVE studying and teaching the Bible to women.

I also LOVE art.

Like peanut butter and chocolate, when these two delicious things come together, it creates a whole new experience.

I believe that the Lord uses this combo to access our whole brain and give us that "AHA" experience when Scripture lights up...illuminating wisdom.

  So good!

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The themes from God's Word that inspire me are God’s Eternal Purpose, God's Kingdom of Light vs the Domain of Darkness, identity and Divine Assignment, wisdom and beauty, and looking on things unseen in the spiritual realm.  I love designing art projects for women's groups that combine left brain Bible study and right brain creativity.  I want to rally Warrior Women who are hungry for significance beyond "churchianity."  I want to inspire followers of Jesus Christ to find and stand in their assignment in the Kingdom, to awaken each one to become who they were born to be!

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