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From Heart to Walk: How to Cooperate With God in Radically Transforming Your Life

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Do you feel sometimes like our Church talk is a lot of vague spiritual platitudes? Are you saved but not satisfied? Faithful but frustrated? Almost everyone says they want to "grow as a Christian," but what does that really mean? How are you transformed from a baby Christian to a mature Christian authentically? Through this course you are going to discover some very clear principles and tactical actions to get from A to B, while honoring the knowledge that your relationship with Jesus is not a simple three-step process. It's a relationship! You're going to understand what genuine Christian growth is and how to intentionally go after it in your daily life. What kind of transformation will you see? -The desire that God originally planted in your heart when you were saved will be nurtured and enlarged. -Your knowledge will go from vague uncertainty to clarity and understanding about how everything flows out from the heart. -Your intentions will go from being self determined to God determined, from drifting along doing random acts of kindness to being focused and diligent in taking on the character of Jesus Christ. -Your emotions will go from the joylessness of rule-following and overwhelm to the joy and peace of Jesus Himself. The devotional workbook to use with this course, "From Heart to Walk: How God Wants to Radically Transform Your Life," is available to purchase on Amazon.

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