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What Does God Want From You, Anyway? Answer: Image Bearer

12x12 acrylic on wood panel Adam and Eve as original image bearers
"Image Bearers" painting by Julie Hanes

“We are created to image God.”

“The image is not an ability we have, but a status. We are God’s representatives on earth. To be human is to image God.” (Michael Heiser)

In looking to find God’s original, ultimate purpose, we can go to the beginning—Genesis, chapter 2. There, God gave His assignment to His new creation. It included

  • exercising dominion

  • reflecting God’s nature

  • being diverse in unity

If you are a new creation in Christ, your capacity as Image Bearer has been restored to what God intended. Your assignment will include stepping back into this status in your day to day life.

Exercising Dominion

Our job as Image Bearers is to manage the earth and all of the material things in it. Now, I don’t have the reach or authority to manage the whole earth and you don’t either, but we do have our homes, our clothing, our cars…all of the material possessions that God has placed in our hands. These are under our stewardship, and a part of my Kingdom Assignment and yours is to manage these things well in order to accomplish God’s purposes.

Reflecting God’s Nature

God is Light, says John in his epistle, and I like to think of the Church as the entire spectrum, with each of us reflecting a particular wavelength or color of the spectrum. You may have a mathematical mind that reflects the God of order, whereas I may be artistic and reflect God’s creativity. Viva la difference! Your Kingdom Assignment will involve reflecting a part of God’s nature through your personality, interests, and natural talents.

Being Diverse in Unity

Diversity began with the original couple. Genesis 2:27 says “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” I would bet you money that Adam and Eve saw many things in Eden from different perspectives. Adam imaged God in a male way, Eve imaged God in a female way. And they complemented each other perfectly. Again, viva la difference!

Author Robin Chaddock says, “None of us has all of God’s traits, but buried inside each of us is at least one that God wants us to champion.”

Your Kingdom Assignment will be different, but complementary, to other believers.

Check out my website here for books and videos I love (including - ahem - my book “The Four Elements of Your Kingdom Assignment—How to Discover Your Place in God’s Eternal Purpose”).

I’m asking myself—

  • What do I own, and how am I managing it?

  • Am I “scattering Light” by reflecting God into the world?

  • What aspect of God’s nature do I reflect?


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