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Three Ways to Reframe Your Life Through a Kingdom Assignment Lens

Before you leap into anything new, take stock of what you’ve got going on right now.

I’ve been writing since January about your Kingdom Assignment, encouraging you to figure out who you were born to be and what you were born to do in God’s Kingdom. What if some of it is already in place and you just don’t recognize it?

Here are three ways to look at your life right now to see how God has already been working things to your good and His glory.

  • See the now, not the future

  • See the small, not the large

  • See your own shoes, not someone else’s

See the Now, Not the Future

What are you doing already, right now? Are you raising little kiddos? Change your perspective to raising little warriors. Are you caring for an invalid? Don't see this as a hindrance to your assignment-perhaps it is your assignment for this season. Stop thinking of what you're doing at church or at home as just a job, just filling a position, and think of how what you're doing there can build God's Kingdom. Your Kingdom Assignment is never something that you do later. It's always now.

It’s tempting to procrastinate. I’ll wait till I’m positive. I’ll wait till someone asks me. I’ll wait till I’ve got more training.

Don’t do it. Do something now, even with one little thing that you know. Ask someone to mentor you. Shadow someone who’s doing something similar to your calling. Get the books, take the courses, but get skin in the game ASAP.

See the Small, Not the Large

When you begin to consider your Kingdom Assignment, you may think it has to be something large scale and impressive to people, with big flashy results. Bill Smart says in his book Spiritual Gifts Reimagined: The Journey View,

“The gifted believer presenting Jesus to three kindergartners is as valuable as the gifted pastor preaching Jesus to three thousand.”

Recall the way Jesus honored the Widow’s pennies. Size doesn’t matter, but faithfulness does.

See Your Own Shoes, Not Someone Else’s

As in, walk a mile in your own shoes. For some reason, we tend to see what we’re doing as insignificant and easy as compared to someone else, and therefore to dismiss our role as not as important. “Anyone could do what I’m doing. My Kingdom Assignment must be something more than just this.”

Au contraire. Before you go looking for something else to add to your plate that seems bigger and better, look at what you’re already doing. A servant friend of mine spent an afternoon arranging and decorating our Bible study classroom. A gentleman at our church for years has quietly moved through the building adjusting the thermostats and doing minor repair work at the church building. Even if “anyone could do that” (they can’t) the point is God called them to do that. And if they faithfully obeyed, they were preparing the environment to be comfortable and beautiful, enabling them to receive God’s Word without distraction.

Remember, too, that followers are just as important as leaders!

Take some time in the weeks heading into the new year to ask God to show you how to see what you’re already doing through His eyes with His potential!


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