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Three Important Roles to Consider as You Steward Your Faith

A Steward should pay attention to what the Boss wants and make it happen.

The whole mind-set of a Christian Steward is that everything belongs to God and is to be managed according to His desires, not our own.

So obviously, we need to continually remind ourselves of what God desires starting with me. What does He want from my relationship with Him? The consistent pattern throughout the story of the Bible is that He wants to be everything to us.

Sometimes we need to flip the script to get out of our own perspective and see things from another point of view. What’s God’s perspective on His relationship with me? What does He want? There are three special identity roles that have been awarded to you and me by God’s grace. Each of these is a privilege and an honor and we can legitimately glory in them, but how do we steward these relationships so that God gets what He wants?

  • A Child for the Father

  • A Bride for the Son

  • A Temple for the Holy Spirit

Child of God Calls For Obedience

It was so sweet to cuddle with my children when they were small chubby things. But even if I said I wanted them to stay that way, the truth is I wanted them to grow and mature. God wants the same for us.

but, speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into

Him who is the head—Christ— (Ephesians 4:15)

To steward my faith as a Child of God I must be diligent in obedience. Search the Scriptures to find out what God desires and commands, and be diligent to do it!

Bride of Christ Calls For Devotion

To steward my faith as the Bride of Christ, I must be diligent in devotion. Just as a woman must guard her heart against men who would seduce her away from faithfulness to her husband, I must guard my heart against anything that would distract me from or diminish my love for Jesus. Allow God to reveal your own heart to you and show you the seducing idols that lurk there, and kick them to the curb!

Temple for the Spirit Calls For Unity

This role reminds us that we’re not in this thing alone. It’s not about just Jesus and me, but all of us. Each of us is a living stone being fitted together with other living stones into a huge and glorious Temple where the Spirit of God dwells individually and corporately. We’re brothers and sisters sharing a common life. To steward my faith as Temple I must be diligent in unity. Get involved in your local church where you can do all of the “one anothers” of Scripture!

Be Intentional

I think it’s a great idea to keep a steward journal and note these things:

  • What does God the Father want from His child today? How can I obey?

  • What does God the Son want from His Bride today? How can I demonstrate devotion?

  • What does God the Spirit want to happen among the living stones today? How can I build up my brothers and sisters?

Now you can develop your to-do list based on what is eternally important!


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