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The No Job-Description Job

Here's the thing: we're ready to serve the Lord. There are many OPTIONS! This team, that team, this class, that class, this ministry, that ministry. It's like if you got a job at Chick Fil-A, you showed up on Monday morning eager to go, you join a room full of other employees, the CEO shows up to welcome you and says "Go forth and make and sell chicken sandwiches. You're dismissed." Well, ok...but what am I supposed to do SPECIFICALLY? I want a job description! Am I a part of sales? Do I cook the chicken?

Ever feel like that at church? We get the big picture: "Go forth and glorify God." But what is MY part in that great big fabulous process? Surely it's more than helping little old ladies across the street. (Do that, though. It's a good thing.) And you can't do EVERYTHING much as you'd like to.

God has designed you in a specific and special way, Warrior Woman, to carry out an assignment in His Kingdom. What we've got to do is a little bit of introspective analysis to recognize our design and how we live it out to God's glory. It's my thing to help you find this thing. Join me! More tomorrow.


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