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The New Year-A Great Time to Ask Yourself, “What Do I Want?”

Your heart is the intersection of your desires (what you want), your thoughts (what you believe) and your will (what you intend). As followers of Jesus Christ, our highest goal is to align our hearts with His Heart. And everything flows from what we truly desire.

I’ve been working and praying and pondering a lot about how to best serve my tribe of Warrior Women—YOU! My true desire is to help you to align your heart with Jesus’ Heart. When that happens, what flows out of your daily life will be in line with God’s plan for you! To that end, I’m working on some things that will help you to become who you were born to be and to do what you were born to do.

  • A bi-weekly blog for 2023 that will walk through Biblical teaching about your Kingdom Assignment.

  • A Bible journaling template called “Truth Doodles.” Pages of this journaling tool will be available to download through my blog.

  • My recently published book, “The Four Elements of Your Kingdom Assignment: How to Discover Your Place in God’s Eternal Purpose” available for purchase here on Amazon.

The Blog: “Illuminating the Kingdom”

You will be getting illumination into your in-box on

  • Knowing the big picture of God’s Eternal Purpose

  • Tools for defining your specific assignment

  • Tips for living out your Kingdom Assignment

Plus, my personal artwork and doodles for your right brain. (I will also be including some tutorials for Ebenezer Art and painting projects along the way.)

Truth Doodles

Verbal and visual journal prompts to get your right brain and left brain cooperating in meditating on God’s Word.

The Four Elements of Your Kingdom Assignment

Producing this book, which was published October 2022, has been an adventure and a series of experiments. One thing I’m dabbling with is changing the book cover to this:

You can purchase the book on Amazon here. And I would love for you to leave a review as well!

I’m also working toward my second book: “In All Your Ways Acknowledge Him: Know Your Ways, Design Your Days.”


a Bible study workbook called “Deconstructing God’s Word: [ dee-kuhn-struhkt ] break down into constituent parts; dissect”

Please feel free to forward this email to your Warrior Woman friends!

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So much! I hope you’ll be my friend and fellow wisdom seeker through 2023. Talk to you in January!

Wisdom and Beauty to you from Jesus Christ our Lord!


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