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Slain Before the Foundation

I'm doing an in depth study on God's Eternal Purpose (or His original intent, or His ultimate intent) because I always like to get the Big Picture of things. This is necessary to figure out what's important and what is not, really. Here's an example of how that worked one time in my life. In college at some point I realized my purpose was to learn stuff. I was nearing the end of a design project and I had a solid "A" on it. Some new information opened up that I could pursue for my project that MIGHT make it way better, or MIGHT be a dud, resulting in a crappy grade. Should I risk the solid "A" that I had in the bag? If my ultimate purpose for college was to get "A"s the answer would have been no. But since I knew my purpose was to learn stuff, I opted to go for the new information. I cannot remember the outcome, I cannot remember the grade, but I remember that I learned stuff.

I want to know: what is God's ultimate purpose or intention? Why did He create us? What does He want out of us, really? That will make all the difference in the decisions I make.

This painting series goes along with what I am learning.

Big Fat Main Point Number 1: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit determined this eternal purpose for man before creation.

*The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have shared fellowship, love and intimacy for all eternity.

*God created man to be brought into this eternal fellowship.

*Knowing that man would fall, God instituted His redemptive plan for the cross of Jesus.

So this painting is a contemplation (not a representation - how could you ever represent something like that?!) on the fellowship of the Trinity, and God's redemptive plan.

God is light. Thus, the color wheel with the intermingling of three primary colors burning together into perfect white light. The broken glass pieces represent Jesus, broken The "stitching" represents all things held together by Him.


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