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Resolve to Live the Nourished-Heart Life in 2024!

Is your heart mal-nourished?

When it comes to your body, you are what you eat.  When it comes to your heart, you are what you desire, think, and intend.

Are you saved but not satisfied? Faithful but frustrated? Almost everyone says they want to "grow as a Christian," but what does that really mean? How do you know if you've grown or if you're growing? How do you measure that? 

See, I understand that we can't turn the depths of Scripture into a how-to manual. And you and I both know it's not about legalistically pasting some good behaviors onto your life, or checking off some boxes on a Christian to do list. So how do you transform from Baby Believer to Mature Saint authentically? 

Through this year’s blog posts you are going to discover some very clear principles and tactical actions to get from A to B, while honoring the knowledge that your relationship with Jesus is not a simple three-step process. It's a relationship! Together, we’re going to learn how to nourish our heart, because your heart is where the action is! Coming up this year:

  • What is your heart?

  • What are the steps to Christian growth?

  • What does God’s heart desire?

What is Your Heart?

Heart in the Bible is not a fuzzy, valentinesque, warm-fuzzy emotion. We often see heart defined as the "deepest part of us." What does that even mean? You're going to see how Jesus is linked directly to your heart and how everything-I mean everything-radiates out from that center. And that can actually help you to simplify your life.

What Are the Steps to Christian Growth?

The apostle Peter gives us some insight in one of his letters to the Church.  I call these “Saint Peter's Stages of Transformation” in which you’ll find very practical steps to your thinking and your day to day life.

What Does God’s Heart Desire?

Nourishing our heart begins with knowing God’s heart. He has opened His heart up to us if we'll just look closely. You'll learn this year how the ultimate transformation comes by aligning your heart with His great big heart. 

Here’s wishing you a joyous new year filled with nourishing truth from God's Word!

Bless your heart!

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Excited to continue growing this year ❤️ thank you for all your wisdom and insights!

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