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I'm a Little Afraid of My Word of the Year

I became a "word of the year" person a few years ago. Some of my words have been: flourish, streamline, watch, celebrate, and four. (Yes, four - meaning four things of mucho importance to do every day: love God, love others, steward my domain, and use my gifts.) My word for 2020 was "focus." At the risk of sounding mystical, I don't really choose the word. I begin asking the Lord for direction through a word about September, and one seems to sort of crystalize in my mind. The word given to me for 2021 is "DEVOTED." And it's not like Olivia Newton John singing "hopelessly devoted to you..." It's about being totally set apart, put on the altar and consumed. It's about dying to self and seeing myself as God's possession, so that I may "proclaim the excellencies" of Him Who called me out of darkness into His marvelous light. (1 Peter 2:9)

Yikes, I thought. What are you calling me to this year? Only what He's called me to every year since I crossed over into marvelous light 45 years ago. It's just that since I've been watching, streamlining my life, focusing on four things, flourishing, and celebrating, I'm seeing this calling much more clearly.

I don't take this lightly. Dying to self makes me a little afraid. But I intend to trust and obey, and to devote my mind, my will, and my emotions (my heart) to proclaim His excellencies. And I trust the One Who owns me.


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