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3-2-1 for February 19

  • "We have the mind of Christ" may be one of the most amazing statements in Scripture. I've been married to Jimmy for forty-five years and I don't have his mind. I've lived adjacent to it for long enough to predict his reaction to most things, but I'm not able to think his thoughts after him. Because we are in Christ, we have access to His very mind.

  • As a part of the Body of Christ, it's not just that my functioning (or not) impacts the whole Body, but that the functioning of the whole Body (or not) impacts me and my individual spiritual growth. My not serving stunts your growth, and visa versa.

  • I have often heard worship defined as "attributing worthship." We attribute worthship to anything to which deem worthy enough to give our time, attention, and resources. We can legitimately LOWER CASE worship things (acknowledge their worth) while UPPER CASE worshipping the Giver of Good Things. Or we can idolize the same things by ignoring where they came from.

Who can you thank for doing their part in the Body of Christ so that you were able to grow?

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