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  • If grace is God’s currency, He doesn’t just spend it on blessing us.  He hands out currency to us to spend on blessing others.  It’s like my Dad slipping me a twenty dollar bill and saying “Buy your sister something nice.” 

  • A calloused heart isn’t necessarily an anti-God heart.  It is just one that doesn’t feel all that it should.  All of our hearts are calloused to some degree or another, as evidenced by the fact that we don’t fall down weeping every time we sing “How Great Thou Art” or “Amazing Grace.”  The angels that constantly say “holy, holy holy” aren’t a recorder on auto play.  Their non-calloused hearts are genuinely in awe.

  • We believers are in a position similar to young Prince George of England - destined for a throne, but as yet immature and unaware of what all that means, still in training every day.

How are you currently using your spiritual gift in your church? (Reply in comments!)


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