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Such is the Kingdom of Heaven

Have you ever gotten frustrated with Believers acting all crazy, and thought, "Why does God put up with us?" If I had a nickel for every time...

Anyhow, I was watching my two year old grandson throwing one of his first tantrums and I thought, "What if I asked that question of my son and daughter-in-law? Why do you put up with that child?"

The answer was absurdly obvious - they love him. Being good parents, they discipline him through these times and use the situations as training opportunities to grow him into a mature human person.

Then it occurred to me...what if in our lifetime on earth, the height of Christian maturity we attain is only a young child compared to what we will be?

The Lord may walk with us as spiritual grown ups in eternity, but mostly now the Church is filled with fit-pitchin toddlers. But He loves us.

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