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Celebrating My Rescue

I'm planning a left-brain/right-brain painting class for May 10. It is the first in a series of classes that will look at the Christian life from outside the "church box." That is, from a Kingdom perspective rather than a Southern Baptist, pews, hymns, and stained-glass window perspective. (BTW, I love all of these things. They're part of my own heritage, but I realized at some point that God's Kingdom is so much bigger than this segment of it.)

So the name of the painting for this class is "Rescue." Here's it is:

16x20 Painting:  "Rescue"

It might not be obvious what this is about. I kind of like that, it takes some thought and explanation...a little mystery! The black background represents the Domain of Darkness where the enemy (Satan) rules. That's where I was born and lived until I was 18 years old. The red and gold band represents the royal blood of Jesus the Rescuer King. It is slicing an opening through the darkness. The Way of Rescue. He opened the way, He lifted me up and carried me through to the other side.

This painting is propped on my mantle in front of another painting that signifies the intersection of the 2 Kingdoms. Every time I see them, it elicits a little burst of thankfulness and praise. That't the whole point!

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