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A Brief History of the Kingdoms

As you've seen if you've read my earlier posts, I was staring at scripture and seeing two kingdoms everywhere I looked - the "Kingdom of Light" and the "Domain of Darkness." (Colossians 1:13) So the next thing I'm trying to articulate is: what's the history? This is how I diagrammed it.

1. God created His Kingdom and everything in it was good. Including angels, the earth, and the first humans, Adam and Eve. Represented by a perfect circle.

2. One of the angels (Lucifer) rebelled and led a lot of the angels to rebel with him, initiating the rebel kingdom. I started out drawing another equal circle and realized, that's not right! So now I draw the Domain of Darkness as a smaller cancerous blob. Earth and humans still in Kingdom of Light.

3. In a sneak attack, Lucifer seduces the humans into disobeying God. This is the forbidden fruit story. They can't be a part of God's Kingdom any more, because disobedience doesn't exist there, and are immediately sucked into the Domain of Darkness, along with all of their descendants. Separated, locked out, prisoners of war in a dark land.

I'm picturing Mordor because I'm a Lord of the Rings geek.

So sad. But this story is just beginning.

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