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Do you feel like your life is splattered all over the place? 

Like maybe you're spinning your wheels with mundane things while your purpose in life is on a shelf?  Clarity is on the way!

Step 1:  Understand what God's Eternal Purpose is - His blueprint for everything He has ever done and ever will do.

Step 2:  Understand that you have an assignment within God's Eternal Purpose.

Step 3:  Commit to pursue your purpose and become who you were born to be!

Give yourself a day with other warrior women at this gorgeous historic venue in Carrollton, Georgia to discover how to align your life with God's Eternal Purpose.   


Your Assignment

Know it!


Know Your Assignment

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Your day will include teaching about God's Eternal Purpose and Your Eternal Purpose.  You will take these truths and visualize them in an altered book portfolio with your personal timeline and vision board.  Lunch and dinner are included, as well as materials for your art project, and no art expertise is needed!


I wouldn't change a thing...loved your message, it spoke to me. Loved the art, loved the food!

It was all great! I loved the messages. I would even enjoy MORE of the group discussions. That was amazing.

Wonderful day, fellowship, food, message - Thank you so much for using your gifts to minister to others.

Everything about the retreat was truly wonderful. The location, the pace, the art (that we created and that was displayed), the food, and absolutely the "heart" of the time together - the teaching. Scripture, illustrations, and conversations were thought provoking and deeply resonating. I feel closer to walking in my purpose.

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